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How about Morgan Breslin!


One of the best surprises this (short and early) season has been the play of Morgan Breslin.

How many times have we heard his name called over the past two weeks?

Breslin has been like a missile tracking down opposing ball carriers...

The transfer from Diablo Valley College has been a regular presence in opponent's backfields in his first two games as a Trojan. He had two tackles for losses, including a sack, and tipped a pass that led to an interception in USC's 42-29 victory over Syracuse on Saturday at MetLife Stadium.

"He's ballin'," Trojans safety T.J. McDonald said of Breslin. "He keeps his mouth shut and grinds. He's been the motor of our defense."

Through two games, Breslin has 10 tackles; four stops for losses, including two sacks; and two pass breakups

Breslin is exactly what this team needed with the D-Line being a little thin.

Gotta give Kiffin credit for pulling this kid in. I look forward to hearing his name a lot more as the season progresses.