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The Monday Morning Blues!

Sept. 8, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Southern California Trojans players celebrate after the game against the Syracuse Orange at MetLife Stadium. Southern California won 42-29. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE
Sept. 8, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Southern California Trojans players celebrate after the game against the Syracuse Orange at MetLife Stadium. Southern California won 42-29. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

By Ben Johnson - Special to

Is Week #3 of the college football season really almost upon us? My how time flies when you can't get enough of college football.

I've suddenly became a Denver Bronco fan again with Payton Manning at the helm, but the pro game totally lacks the pizazz and tradition of the college game by a large margin.

Yes I enjoy the NFL playoffs, because you can actually win a championship on the field of play, unlike the collegiate game.

The NFL isn't limited to only involving undefeated programs because everyone knows that comparing records in any league is an uneven conversation because the quality of the opponents on the schedule cannot be evenly measured or evaluated until head to head competition reveals the true strength of each team.

What looks like an unbeatable team, such as the New England Patriots, becomes a very beatable team when matched up against a team that has played a superior schedule, which the Giants have proven twice already.

I enjoy everything about the collegiate game, that is until the end of the season when all the controversy begins anew.

However, while wading through this controversy, year after year, my eyes have been opened to the wizards behind the veil of public manipulation and their subliminal powers.

The one sickening aspect of the college game is winning the BCS championship is totally a matter of style over substance.

A pretty record, no matter how you get it, matters more than the actual strength of the program behind it.

Georgia is the team in the SEC that fits this their schedule this season with Alabama, LSU, USC or Notre Dame and by seasons end, a 9-3 Notre Dame or a 10-2 or 11-1 USC will be deemed a lesser program than Georgia simply because Georgia could very well be 12-0 by seasons end.

Its all about appearance and style versus substance.

Hat tip to fellow SBNation writer Trevor Wong for posting his article on the Trojans falling in the Polls, which has stimulated much of the article I am about to put forth on paper.

Eight years ago in 2004, Texas overcame the California Golden Bears when Mac Brown campaigned for votes from the national media on the final weekend of action after the Bears failed to put away a very good Southern Miss program on national television (winning 24-14).

It was at that very moment that I began to think there was more to this BCS controversy than meets the eye, when the nation witnessed the true web of manipulation that has taken over not only college football, but much of our nations political process as well.

For the past 8 years I have been putting pen to paper, becoming my own college football detective, slowly unraveling not only the mystery surrounding the BCS controversy in college football, but the oligarchic web of control, involving political shenanigans corrupted by corporate money and power.

These same Corporate powers continually use the national media in the process of orchestrating cunning and manipulative PR campaigns to benefit the wealthy elite. This runs all the way to the top if you understand what I am saying.

If you understand the BCS controversy you understand much of what is wrong with our country, and more importantly, who is pulling the strings behind the veil of deception because that is exactly what the BCS has digressed to in college football...It's a total sham job, a PR campaign through the media to create the most revenue that can be squeezed out of a system that is a tax free haven, and it rewards the oligarchic elite in collegiate athletics...not necessarily the best team.

I am still slowly putting the finishing touches on that masterpiece because I continue to connect more dots and fit more pieces to this puzzle together, which has brought the whole controversy in HD quality focus.

Although I will never publish the manuscript for it exposes the core and true web of power within this country and much of their agenda, including how they use public tax dollars for private profit via the uncanny process of mind manipulation, tax evasion and modern day slavery tactics that take advantage of young unsuspecting athletes, I will provide some pointers for you in terms of the polling system and the true aim of our national media and how it is used in that context in college football.

You can then connect the dots and decide for yourself if I am all wet behind the ears.

3 Thoughts About The Polls:

1. We've seen this BCS controversy now for over a decade, from just about every angle, and no matter how many times we roll the dice, it always comes up snake eyes for the SEC and other members of the blue blood elite in college football.

The public hates it because it feels like the whole system has been hijacked, but haven't we witnessed these same shenanigans within the political process as well?

The BCS controversy is really a story of plausible deniability, deregulation and incomprehensible formula's. Sound familiar?

There really isn't anyone in charge to regulate the process and because of this the blame can be triangulated around via a complicated (and totally bogus) computer formula, the coaches poll and the media poll. They keep us hopping from week-to-week and year-to-year as the hot potato of blame is bounced around, yet in the end, where can we lay that wreath of blame? The coaches? The computers? The writers?

Hasn't it been surprising that the process is a three fold formula - 1/3 computer, 1/3 coaches poll, 1/3 media poll, yet the computers are given more than 1/3 in weighted value when need arises? We see the same things in the voting boxes in terms of our so called democratic voting process, yet there is obvious manipulation.

2. As Dan Wetzel alluded to in his book "Death to the BCS," the entire bowl platform and much of university athletics is a tax haven...these so called non-profit bowl entities, super conferences and individual athletic departments pay zero taxes, yet they create fabulous mind altering wealth.

Think about it, we can't fund our schools, pave our streets or keep crime off the street, but LSU and Oregon can sure make a ton of free.

What do the students over-priced education of little value on the streets of America today...All the jobs are overseas in areas where people work for less than $2 a day. The Corporations love it...just ask Nike.

I actually wrote a business plan for a group of bowl games after reading Wetzel's book, and was absolutely flabbergasted in terms of the amount of money that can be made before a single ticket by the attending public is sold. The moment two schools accept a bowl invitation, the Outback Bowl has made 10 million, and that's before a single fan buys a ticket, a t-shirt, a hot-dog and a coke.

Everyone should run a bowl game! ESPN and Disney run half of them!

The whole system is almost entirely a government subsidy program in which the costs are socialized by the schools (tax payers), but the profits are very much privatized into a web of front organizations that hide where the actual money free!

What a country! What a con job!

Coaches, athletic directors and university presidents get a pay raise every time their school goes to a bowl game, even if the program is 6-6, and ends up 6-7 with a bowl loss.

The television networks swoop in to cover the losses (that we payed for) incurred by the schools with the BCS conference payouts so the whole system is very much like the government-bank bailout controversy of 2008. Too big to fail!

It is a microcosm of that system.

A microcosm of the military industrial complex and the false economy behind it. Isn't capitalism great. Just write a check, Uncle Sam will cover it!

3. The athletes are literally used in a modern day slavery operation, where everyone but the players make a fortune from this fraudulent economic is a combination of Fascism and Communism or what John Perkins - in his two books about his experience as an "Economic Hitmen" terms as the Corporatocracy at work.

The same corporate powers that have created much of the economic crisis this country has endured since 2008 own our national media. Just ask Disney!

Thus, the role of our media has changed from hardcore investigative reporting to protect the public interest at large to a megalithic PR campaign that is driven by corporate interests, profits and hidden agendas.

It feels as if the whole system has been hijacked much like the current political process in our country at present.

There is an agenda behind all the jockeying of teams and it doesn't jive with the public interest, it jives with corporate interests filled with political influence and oligarchic power.

It is an absolute disgrace that our university system would allow this kind of manipulation to occur at the expense of the student-athletes, who deserve much more than they are getting, but then again, they've been manipulating student-athletes within this tax haven for quite some time.

Why change now?

Their only getting richer, within an economic Great Recession no less, or haven't you seen the new TV-contract agreements for the Super-Conferences?

If college football was a country or a nation instead of a sport, it would be ranked in the Top-10 of all world itself, yet it is entirely TAX FREE!

That is why it has been taken over and remains very much a shell game of corporate raiding where the costs are socialized, the profits are privatized and the whole system is deregulated with the ultimate scapegoat excuse -plausible deniability.

It's the it's the it's the writers!

Take your pick, it always ends up Alabama, LSU or the SEC in the end.

The rest of us are just along for the show.

The Polls are a total sham!