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Kiffin's comments after yesterday's scrimmage

Based on what I read, it wasn't pretty for the offense yesterday...

I seem to remember a lot of this same type of talk last season during fall camp.

That being said, this offense has the opportunity to put up some numbers...

We could be off base here but with all the talent, all the momentum and that fine looking schedule, we think this could be a record-breaking year at USC.

Which records could fall? Funny you should ask? Here are our top three choices?

Career passing yards
Record holder: QB Carson Palmer (1998-2002), 11,818
Record chaser: QB Matt Barkley


Career receptions
Record holder: WR Dwayne Jarrett (2004-06), 216
Record chaser: WR Robert Woods


*Heisman Trophies
Record holders: Notre Dame & Ohio State (7)
Record chaser: Well, duh.

This is why I don't get too worked up over spring camp.

It may not have been pretty but we have the horses to run with anyone.

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