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Once again the NCAA is about to overreach


Funny what a little bit of power will do to some people.

Feeling their oats in the wake of the PSU sanctions the NCAA looks like they are about to rewrite their penalty playbook...

Nearly a year after promising to impose harsher sanctions on the most egregious rule-breakers, NCAA leaders endorsed a proposal Thursday that would make schools subject to the same crippling penalties just handed to Penn State.

The measure includes postseason bans of up to four years, fines that could stretch into the millions and suspensions for head coaches. A final vote on the sweeping overhaul will not occur before the board of directors' October meeting.

"Coaches come to me and say, `I feel like a chump. I'm trying to do things the right way and I have peers who laugh at me because I don't play the game and bend the rules the way they do,"' board chairman Ed Ray said in a statement released by the NCAA. "That's got to stop ... Most coaches are terrific people who love their student-athletes, try to do it the right way, try to have the right values and succeed. They're very frustrated. This has got to stop. I think most coaches are saying it's about time. We want a level playing field."

I laugh at that last paragraph.

If we are to listen to the increasingly irrelevant Ralph Cindrich, I thought all coaches, according to Cindrich, have dirt under their fingernails.

Anyway, This is not good and the member presidents would be foolish to approve this.

- - -

Then there is this proposal...

Boosters would be allowed to contribute directly to the compensation of coaches, potentially controlling more of the terms under which coaches are paid, if a new NCAA proposal is adopted.

Under the plan, described in a 12-page NCAA document obtained by The Chronicle, boosters could come up with their own bonuses instead of giving their money to the athletic department and hoping that they would have the influence to get it written into a coach’s contract, one NCAA rules expert says.

Such a move, which would have to be approved by universities, could prove problematic if a booster gained too much control and later committed NCAA violations.



That is just crazy.

Two words....BOBBY LOWDER.

If the member presidents approve this they they don;t deserve to run the member institutions that they currently represent. That the NCAA is even considering this crazy proposal shows just how woefully out of their depth they are.

I am speechless......