Clement Lefert continues USC's Olympic Gold Streak

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USC junior Clement Lefert has helped his university complete a century long winning streak. A Trojan has won an Olympic gold medal at every Summer Olympics since the 1912 Stockholm Games, and yesterday, Lefert continued that winning tradition by winning the gold for France as part of the men's swimming 4x100m freestyle relay.

Lefert took part in the third leg of the race, maintaining the pace set by his teammates Amaury Leveaux and Fabien Gilot. Following his leg, France was in second place, allowing anchor Yannick Agnel to overtake American Ryan Lochte for the gold. The United States won the silver medal, and Russia took the bronze. Vladimir Morozov, also a USC junior, swam the third leg for the Russian team, and his bronze medal bring USC's London medal count to three (one gold, two bronze.)

Congrats to Clement and Vladimir on their achievements!


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