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Penn. St.'s "Unprecedented" Day of Reckoning

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The NCAA will rule on Penn St football today.

Here are some links about the supposed upcoming sanctions.

NCAA puts power in question with rapid decision regarding Penn State - Andy Staples

Penalties coming at Penn State, could impede abliity to compete - Dennis Dodd

Penn State penalties: NCAA credibility plunges ahead of announcement - Matt Hayes

Penn State to Receive ‘Punitive Measures’ From N.C.A.A. - Pete Thamel

I have been on the record as being against this...The NCAA is clearly over reaching here.

I am jot a big PSU fan. I was never a big fan of Paterno, as he said some things over the years that I found not to be of the the fabric of a great man. I have had issues in the past with PSU fans that I have interacted with that soured me on the program.

Regardless of all of that, the PSU fanbase doesn't deserve this...even though there were some that danced on USC grave when our sanctions were announced.

We will have more later once the "official: sanctions are announced...

For now, this will be our open thread for comments as things break.