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USC Recruiting: Better get on the bus!

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Pedro Moura has a great read on USC's string of successes on the recruiting trail.

Three months ago, it would have been ludicrous to say that USC's NCAA sanctions would help the school assemble its 2013 recruiting class.

Now, it would seem to be accurate.

In an unexpected turn of events capped off by Jalen Ramsey's Monday commitment, the Trojans have gathered 14 star-studded commitments in an unprecedented three-month binge to reach the NCAA-mandated limit of 15 for the class of 2013 more than six months before Signing Day. (Because USC took only 12 players last Signing Day, the Trojans still have three more openings to fill, as long as at least three players from the class enroll early next winter.)

At this time last year, USC had only six commitments for the class of 2012. What suddenly gives?


Like I said yesterday, Kiffin wants lock up all the talent he can now in case he has someone waiver as USC gets to the finish line.

Kiffin is smart to leverage USC's brand. He knows that top players want to play for this program,so he locks them up now knowing that he has the pick of the litter. If any of his verbals fall through he knows other top players will jump at the chance to play for USC.

I give him credit in his being shrewd in the face of the NCAA's draconian sanctions.

So far so good...but we have a ways to go yet.