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Barkley's Stronger Arm

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That is the opinion of those at the Manning Passing Academy...

USC QB Matt Barkley is right around 6-foot-2 and has a very thick build. I've seen Barkley play live several times during his college career and I noticed one big difference last week: His arm has gotten much stronger. He was able to drive the ball with more authority than he has in the past three years. He has always had great footwork and touch as a passer, but there were concerns about his ability to squeeze the ball into tight windows down the field. I was pleasantly surprised to watch him crank up the velocity on the deep comebacks during the workout on Saturday.

But what are they comparing it too. The passing academy is a far different scenario than a real game situation under real pressure.

I don't care about strength, I care about accuracy.

I guess we will find out when the season starts.