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Conquest Chronicles is Six Years Old

Six years ago on July 10 (I chuckle at that first post) this site was started. I am not one to note anniversaries or page hit milestones, but I will today.

It has been an interesting six years, personally, professionally and in blogging.

3.1 million page views later I am still amazed at how far CC has come.

I have always tried to stay true to my beliefs, even if it was at the detriment of not building a bigger community. There are some things that I like to write about and others that I don't. So, at times it is obvious that the content drops off when things aren't interesting to me. Also because I live in the NYC area, I am not at ground zero when things break so I have to be more reactive than proactive. Team and player reviews just don't float my boat.

We have had some great times here, too numerous to mention. We have also had some interesting times here as well, like our public spat with BruinsNation a few years back (lets not go there) and when the NCAA's sanctions were announced.

Through it all I have enjoyed it, even when I couldn't really talk about it in the surroundings of my day job (now I don't care as I am now running my own shop and no longer answer to any corporate entities). I am proud of our community!!

With all that being said CC is at a crossroads.

There have been periods when I have struggled to keep up even when things interested me. I started CC right after my daughter was born and right before a significant job change. Probably not the most opportune time, but I learned a long time ago that opportunities don't always come around a second time so jump at them when they arrive. DC Trojan was a life saver when I made the job switch, he (and Displaced Trojan, remember him?) kept things humming while I transitioned into the new gig.

DC and I continued to juggle (and struggle) to keep things going as our young families and jobs kept us busy. That was when Joey came on.

I knew Joey was always temporary as his goal was to get on the DT and I was fine with it. I saw an incredible amount of growth when Joey was with us but I knew it was temporary.

Once Joey departed for the DT I knew things would drop off but we soldiered on.

Over the past couple of years things have ebbed and flowed but with things changing in my professional life (for the better!!) I now realize that it is time to get some help. It is not fair to our loyal readership to have this ship rudderless so we we have called in the cavalry.

As was posted earlier today CC has some new writers. These guys have a much better grasp of day to day writing than I do. I am a salesman. Get me in a surgical/clinical setting and I am unbeatable, but when it comes to writing I am average at best and probably on the less than average side of things. I have to thank Joey and Sailor Ripley (Drew) for coming to our rescue. USC football is far to valuable a brand as we transition in Barkley's final season and a possible run to the MNC not to have quality coverage of this team.

DC and I are not going away...we just need a little bit of help and help has arrived.

I have to give a big thank you to my friend Peter Bean. PB brought me in on a whim and he has been a tremendous supporter of CC and an even better friend and professional adviser. Like DC he has been like a brother to me.

Me, PB and DC

Please give our new writers a warm welcome and please give them the same latitude that you give DC and I...these guys will take CC to new heights!

Please Welcome Trevor, Will and Shotgun!!