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Gerald Bowman makes the grade

Gerald Bowman was originally supposed to be a January enrollee but he had some grade issues that kept him out.

Yesterday, Bowman received good news after completing his coursework in junior college.

Bowman had been awaiting word on his status since he planned to enroll early in January and then found out he needed to take more classes to be admitted. He enrolled in more junior-college classes this spring and summer and then began to work out with USC again last month when his coursework was officially completed, but he had to wait until grades were released Tuesday to get the official OK.

His presence gives the Trojans six talented safeties available for fall camp in T.J. McDonald, Jawanza Starling, Josh Shaw, Demetrius Wright, Drew McAllister, plus Bowman himself.

That is a stacked safety position!

Welcome Mr. Bowman!