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Robert Woods Update

Getty Images

I saw this earlier this week.

Robert Woods has been fitted with a custom brace for his still not fully healed ankle.

The purpose of the brace is to prevent the bone-on-bone rubbing in Woods’ ankle that has caused lingering inflammation. The training staff would like Woods to wear it all season long.

Woods said other Trojans — including defensive end Nick Perry and receivers Damian Williams and Mike Williams — have worn similar braces.

Lets clarify something here. To me bone-on-bone rubbing means the cartilage is worn away and could indicate arthritis. This is a little different that what we have been told about Woods' previous surgery...that it was for ligament repair. If the ligaments are not fully healed then the ankle could be unstable, that can be a problem when Woods has to make a cut when running a route.

Hard to know just how healthy Woods will be when the season starts.

As for other players wearing these braces in the past, well I don't remember any of those players listed above having the same type of ankle issues that Woods has had.

Everyone will keep a close eye on this...