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Bryshon Nellum is going to the London Olympics


Four years removed from what many thought would be a career ending injury, Bryshon Nellum qualified for the London Olympics in the 400 meters.

Late Sunday afternoon in the U.S. Olympic Trials 400-meter final at Hayward Field, Nellum emerged from his nightmare.

Nellum edged Trojans teammate Josh Mance by less than a tenth of a second for the third and final spot on the U.S. team for London.

"You know what they say?" Nellum said. "Whatever doesn't break you only makes you stronger. So I just feel like whatever happened, happened for a reason. Now I'm just trying to be a better person, and a better athlete."

This poor kid went through hell to get here, hard not to root for him! If this isn't perseverance and drive then I don't know what is...

USC continues to put a lot of athlete in the Olympic games.