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Junior Seau - My Rememberance


Listening to 710 ESPN Radio in L.A. it was all I could do to not tear up on the drive home tonight. I was in surgery waiting for a case to start when I started seeing reports of Seau's death on Twitter.

I was numb.

This was a kid I saw play in high school, saw him play at USC and obviously saw him play in the NFL.

This is one of the all-time greatest Trojans. We all have our favorites, but Seau transcended all generations of USC fans.

While we have reveled in USC's great Heisman Trophy history, Seau IS THE ORIGINAL #55.

Seau would be the beginning of a great run of linebackers at USC, wrestling away the monicker of Linebacker U from Penn St. I mean no disrespect to our friends in PA but since Seau came to USC, the Trojans have had a great run of #55"s.

A run that many will say is unmatched.

- - -

I first heard of Junior Seau when I was stationed at Camp Pendleton from 1984 through late 1987. I was reading the news paper and this article about this kid at Oceanside HS who was tearing it up.

I didn't know anything about high school football in San Diego's North County. I knew the L.A. side of things but as a new father who was constantly on deployments I really didn't have time to follow the local teams. Because the article was so glowing about Seau I decided to go with a couple of friends to see him play.

I don't remember who Oceanside was playing, but I do remember this kid flying all over the field. I had never seen a kid play like that.

It was insane!

We all know about Junior Seau's career at USC and his incredible career in the NFL.

Many of you may have a personal side or story of Seau. I sadly don't other than the story I wrote above, so I would invite you add yours to this thread.

I do not know what Seau's personal demons were and I don't really want to speculate, but anytime someone in the prime of his life, who has lived a full life with so much more give ends that life it is troubling.

There will be many more tributes to Seau written in the coming days. They will all be more eloquent than what I wrote here, but this is mine. I will link to as many as I can find.

Here is one:

Remembering Junior Seau's All-American USC career

I will grab any and all highlight videos that I can find...I hope you will as well and post them here.

This is the first one from the USC Website...

RIP Junior...You will always be one of the greatest!