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Some touching thoughts on Junior Seau from Riki Ellison

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Junior Seau was buried today.

That doesn't take away the pain of his loss and it doesn't close the book on his legacy.

The questions are just starting and the tributes are starting to come in.

This one is from Riki Ellison...

The tragic loss of Junior Seau — who exemplified those Polynesian roots, its soul and its traits at the highest levels — has to be questioned by those who also come from these waters and have traveled similar paths.

The loss of Junior Seau has led to much public speculation and oversimplified reasoning. The liberty I am taking to share my thoughts may incite, may bore, may shed light and may shed more rumors; yet a man has the right to speak and if it somehow prevents these types of rare situations. then it must be said.

As I see it, his loss is the result of sustained concussions to the brain together with the inability to control depression that can easily follow after losing the stardom that comes with the achievement of extraordinary accomplishment and the kind of adrenaline one gets when competing at world-class levels. This powerful combination found on the field of the NFL is a volatile mixture, particularly when the mix includes depression sustained by a partially functioning brain caused by repeated concussions.

This really is a touching tribute.

I am still numb from this senseless loss.

Junior will always be missed...