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Why we are lucky to have Matt Barkley


These stories NEVER get old. Theses stories aren't new but they are always refreshing.

Tonight, the football world will be focused on two quarterbacks poised to be the first players chosen in the NFL draft. Barkley says he'll watch long enough to see where former teammate Matt Kalil is taken, but that will be it. "Where I am is where I am," Barkley says. "I don't see any benefit in thinking about where else I could be." His day at Radio City Music Hall will come. For now, Matt Barkley is back to restore the glory to Troy.

Barkley is a gift that we are very lucky to have.

This upcoming season and the 2013 Draft will be treasured by many of us.

We all loved that '04 and '05 team. The talent that Pete Carroll amassed, the dominant defense in '04 and explosive offense of '05.

This crew is different.

It is easy to point to Barkley as the figurehead but he really has epitomized everything that is great about USC.

I really can't say anything new so I will stop here....please, go read this piece.