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The BCS: A Four team play-off in the works

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Like it or not we are a play-off society.

Every other sport that we play has a play-off system...including D-II and D-III college football.


So, Division-I CFB is going the same route.

I am not sure how I feel about this. Some arguments will stay the same regardless of the system in place. New arguments will crop up, and they already have. SEC commish Mike Slive wants the top four teams that are determined by the polls. Pac-12 Boss Larry Scott wants the four teams to be conference champions.

Normally I would side with Slive on this because as we have seen in other sports, it is fun to see the underdog get their chance. Just like we have seen in Major League Baseball sometimes the Wild Card team wins it all. There is something fun in seeing the underdog win. I am just not thrilled with a play-off in CFB.

The problem is with the polls.

I have no use for any poll before the middle of October and we all know the cronyism that goes on east of west Texas with regards to the voting or lack of legit voting.

Conference Champions has its own issues as well with regards to strength of schedule...etc., etc.

Round and round it goes.

I guess I should be happy that there are at least some discussions.