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GameDay Open Thread WSU vs. USC


The final game of the regular season is here.

It has been a long season for USC Basketball. I admit to not really paying attention to the hoops program, but I have to give the kids a lot of credit for giving it their all in the face of all the adversity that they have went through.

I am still not sure that Kevin O'Neill is the man for the job, but Pat Haden will give him another year.

With all the talent out there, there really isn't any reason why USC can't be better in basketball. O'Neill needs to sign a solid class of talent, I am not worried about players being solid citizens because Haden won't accept anything less...even if USC finishes in the basement year after year.

For all of his flaws I miss Tim Floyd.

Those were some fun years to watch USC basketball. Now, not so much.

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