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USC Football: The Madden Experiment

With Spring break over, USC resumes spring ball for 2012.

One interesting tidbit is Tre Madden getting some time at running back...

Madden, who played in the wildcat formation at Mission Viejo High School his senior season, looked sharp in his first workout. The switch could be permanent, but Kiffin said he would decide what to do after one week.

"It might not work at all," Kiffin said. "(But) he gives you a big back that can run very fast."

How fast? Kiffin said Madden ran the 40-yard dash in an electronically timed 4.5 seconds, which is usually slower than hand-timed 40s.

Losing Amir Carlisle is the reason for this.

Kiffin needs one more option at RB, so now is the time to play with some things.

It is hard to know if this will work but some think this is not a bad idea.

The sophomore, who had been playing linebacker, has the size-speed combo Kiffin craves. Madden’s listed at 6-0, 220. Kiffin said Madden recently ran the 40-yard dash in an electronically timed 4.5 seconds, among the best marks on the team.

That talent might have gone to waste had Madden remained at linebacker.

Madden was playing extremely well at the "Sam" linebacker position. But Dion Bailey, who tied for the team lead in tackles, returns at that spot, and he’s only a redshirt sophomore.

Being 10 players down means that Kiffin has to think outside of the box.

It is hard to know how this will all turn out but you never know...