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USC Basketball: Curtis Washington and Evan Smith leave the program

<em>It's all on you now pal...</em>
It's all on you now pal...

Yesterday, we learned that Alexis Moore was granted his release from USC. This was on the heals of Garrett Jackson transferring.

Today two more players are leaving the program...

Well, two more 2011-2012 Trojans are also leaving the basketball team, according to multiple program sources. Forward Curtis Washington has requested his release and will receive it this week and forward Evan Smith will leave the team via a medical retirement, staying in school and on scholarship but not counting against the team's 13-scholarship limit.

Both of the moves have been expected for some time.

Washington played 11 total minutes during his freshman season in 2010-2011 and then tore the labrum in his left shoulder last August, which forced him to miss all of last season. Smith played in four games for the Trojans last season before re-injuring the shoulder that has bothered him on and off since his arrival to USC in the class of 2009.

Expected for sometime?

Call me naive, but that language makes me uncomfortable. I know Washington wasn't considered very good. With no players graduating this year O'Neill needs the spots with a new class coming in.

I know this happens in football, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth...probably related to my bias against O'Neill.

I know Floyd ran players off, but he was winning, right or wrong, when you are winning you tend to look the other way.

All I have to say is that O'Neill better win next year...