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USC's 2012 Signing Day Wrap Up

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Well, it was an interesting day. You win some and you lose some.

So lets look at things...

Here is Kiffin's presser

The Good:

Kiffin hauled in a pretty good class. The class as a whole averaged over 4-stars. I am not really into the star classification system because it monitored by guys who are not coaches and who may have agendas, a lot of coaches don't even pay attention to it. That being said, it would appear that this is a very talented haul and is pretty damn impressive for only bringing 12 guys who wanted to be at USC.

Kiffin pulled in two guys from the state of Florida whom I expect will see immediate action. Guys who thought enough of USC to make the trek all the way across country away from the comforts from home.

Those are the guys we want.

Kiffin's words from a couple of years ago are ringing true...he knows within the first 10 minutes if guys are USC material.

The Disappointing:

But in reading the "pundits" and supposed "insiders" on the different boards over the past few weeks, it is clear that USC got less than we expected. Missing out on Peat and/or Murphy at a serious position of need is a big deal to me. Especially with both going to the same school. Even Scott Starr was shocked about Murphy, Tweeting "Damn".

Dodson and Miles were long shots, so I am not disappointed there. Pio was rumored to have some academic issues (don't know for sure) and Shittu was never serious on USC and gamed the whole process for the fun of it. Probably best that he didn't come here.

Don't get wrong, I think this is a very good class considering the sanctions we are under but I won't deny that earlier today it felt a little empty.

I know Kiffin can close, so that is not the issue, but USC is still being negatively recruited against...especially when you consider that the new revenue sharing deal allows schools to pay better salaries and bring better recruiters in than other schools have had in the past.

Welcome to parity.

USC did not even fill their 15 slots, not counting EE's. To me that says a lot, even if the plan is to use those slots for EE's in the next recruiting cycle. To me it shows that Kiffin has to be extra careful in who he chooses. He doesn't have the liberty to go after a few guys that might be less then ideal.

I won't even try to figure out the math, I will let Kiffin figure it out.

Better to leave a few spots open for serious contenders than to chase guys who may mess with the chemistry that Kiffin and Haden have worked so hard to build.

Obviously, it will not be a problem to be at the NCAA mandated 75 by the end of training camp.

I have been consistent on how depth will be an issue going forward into the teeth of sanctions. Not being able to fill all of our allotted slots shows things will get a little bit tight going forward.

Other than that, it is hard to be upset with this class. They all look like solid citizens who want to be at USC, regardless of the circumstances.

What's not to like about that?