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USC underperforms in their loss to Georgia Tech

A fitting end to a disappointing season

Uh huh...
Uh huh...
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


After the first drive I actually thought that 'SC came to play.

I was obviously wrong.

It was clear that this team after being out of bowl contention the past two years really didn't care. You saw it in the disparaging tweets by two players and you saw it on the field of play.

That to me, is stunning.

I am not going to bitch and moan about Kiffin. His job is safe, it is clear he dumbed down the play calling for Max Wittek because Wittek is just too inexperienced. And what little Wittek was allowed to do his performance was sub par.

Now, the O-line didn't give him a lot of time, as they were once again manhandled but it is clear that Wittek just wasn't ready.

Why not give Kessler a few snaps?

If I were Cody Kessler I would be looking at my options, I mean why stick around for this?

If I am Robey and Woods I am out tonight...might as well get paid.

I am tired of asking why. I am tired of defending a coach who is out of his depth. I want this team to win but I want the team to give it 100% I didn't see that today.

Thanks god the season is over.

Leave your rants here...