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Is UCLA's Jim Mora thinking about the San Diego Chargers??

Does Junior have some unfinished business?

Scott Halleran

When you have been in the NFL and failed it has to bug the heck out of you. Is UCLA's Junior contemplating a move to the League?

Interesting post here.

When a head coach fails in the NFL, or is pushed out of the league, they tend to want to come back and settle their unfinished business. Pete Carroll did this very thing and he’s finally making himself not look like a fool for doing so. But another failed NFL turned successful Pac 12 head coach may try to follow in Carroll’s footsteps in trying to right the wrongs from their failed NFL careers.

Jim Mora Jr. had a rough go of things with the Falcons in the long run, and was ultimately pushed out of the Atlanta after saying he’d take a college job if it was offered to him. After a 5-11 season with the Seahawks, Mora went to the college ranks to try and rebuild his name and reputation.

He did just that during his first season as head coach at UCLA.

I am not sure that Mora rebuilt his image after just one season at UCLA.

The season was definitely an improvement over the Slick Rick era, but not the second coming.

Who knows what is in Mora's head. I would not call him a retread because he spent a while in the studio and on year back on the sidelines so it would not surprise me if San Diego came calling.

The Jobs start opening after Sunday's games.