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Trojan Controversy in Old El Paso

Deserved or not, this team can't catch a break


It wouldn't be a normal day if something negative wasn't said about USC.

I am a day or so late on this, but it would appear that USC isn't making any friends in El Paso.

Whether it is the blown out of proportion being late for the Banquet (which appears that Sun Bowl Officials were aware of) or some unfortunate tweets about the city itself by some USC players its clear that USC will be portrayed in a bad light.

The double-edged sword of social media sliced the Trojans a couple times this month.

It seemed the Trojans had learned their lesson at the start of the month after linebacker Tony Burnett posted negative comments on Twitter about USC being selected to play in the Dec. 31 Sun Bowl. Burnett quickly apologized, as did Coach Lane Kiffin in his introductory El Paso press conference.

Yet on Wednesday night, freshman defensive lineman Leonard Williams tweeted his opinion of El Paso and used an expletive to describe the city. Williams quickly deleted the tweet and apologized profusely.

The comments, while unfortunate, clearly show some frustration by the players (I will let you decide how bad El Paso is as a town). Lane Kiffin, right or wrong won't get the benefit of the doubt.

Instead of harping on the whole situation, I will simply say this...Win the games your supposed to and you won't get stuck playing in some second or third tier shitty bowl in the desert southwest.