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About Negative Recruiting and Decommittments

All's fair in the recruiting wars


As many of you know I don't do a whole lot of recruiting stories here on CC.

There is simply too much indecision with 17-18 year old kids when it comes to making one of the most important decisions in their life. That is why I like to wait until the signature is on the dotted line.

It doesn't help matters when some over bearing parents or hangers on fill the kids head with what they want instead of whats best for the kid. I would think the parent would know how to be a sounding board and guide the kid through the process instead of being the main player.

Obviously not every parent fits that mold, but I am always surprised when a parent during the course of the recruiting process falls for the trick of negative recruiting. The only story that comes to mind to the contrary I believe was when Chip Kelly tried to bad mouth USC with George Farmer...Farmer's dad cut the visit short.

There are rumors going around that a certain D-1 school (probably Texas) is spreading rumors of Ed O leaving USC (it would not surprise me if that scumbag Junior across town is playing the same game). Those rumors and maybe some others, may have lead to Eddie Vanderdoes decommitting earlier this week. Here is where the adults in the room need to take about doing your own investigating, pick up the phone and ask some direct questions.

This is nothing new, negative recruiting is as old as the worlds oldest business so I am always surprised that parents fall for this time and again.

Who knows why Vanderdoes changed his mind, another rumor is that he wasn't happy that USC was recruiting other players that Vanderdoes may have had to compete against for playing time.

It is simple to me, as long as players take official visits while being overtly committed, schools have the right to recruit other players...its called having a plan B. If a kid takes an unofficial on his own dime, not always practical, I would call that doing their due diligence. I have no problem with kids taking official visits if they are committed, but they should not be upset if the school they are "committed" to wants to have a backup plan.

It has been said that USC/Kiffin won't negatively recruit.

I would ask why not?

Kiffin has said that USC would do things different during the sanctions to maximize their scholarship situation. I would think this is one of those things that USC needs to be aggressive about.