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Lane Kiffin's litmus test for a new DC

Alone on an island?
Alone on an island?
Stephen Dunn

Full disclosure, I read this the other day and wasn't sure if it was worth posting. I am skeptical of the info in the article below because it is written by Scott Wolf...but if Kiffin's line of thinking is true this gives me a great deal of concern.

USC coach Lane Kiffin wants to hire someone with no previous ties to the Trojans for the defensive coordinator's position, according to sources.

That would rule out candidates like former linebackers coach Joe Barry or New Mexico State coach DeWayne Walker, a former USC assistant. Barry worked for Kiffin for two years (2010-11) while Walker spent a season with Kiffin at USC in 2001.


Kiffin's desire to go with a completely new coach also precludes anyone with ties to current defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, sources said. That would rule out someone like North Dakota State coach Craig Bohl, who was recently named the Football Championship Subdivision Coach of the Year and was the defensive coordinator at Nebraska from 2000-02.

I will only say this, if true, would it be so wrong to just hire a good DC no matter where his connections are?

Once again Lane's lack of a defined coaching tree and contacts are showing through. What are Lane's criteria? I know "stopping the spread" is the mantra many are clamoring but it isn't that simple to me. How about if players are prepared to face any offense that comes up on the schedule.

While the spread is prevalent right now there are still some teams like Stanford that don't run the spread. If Chip Kelly leaves Oregon what new offense will they run? We obviously won't know until the new coach is hired, I know Oregon is off the schedule next season.

Arizona becomes the team that would concern me then UCLA comes next with Hundly at QB.

Again, if true, I really wish Kiffin would leave no stone unturned and find the best fit for the program regardless of past ties. Unlike Monte, old dogs can learn new tricks.