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Trojans NFL evaluations are in

Robert Woods likely headed to the NFL, will Robey stay?

So Long Woody?
So Long Woody?
Robert Laberge

Robert Woods and Nickell Robey received their evaluations from the NFL this week.

Woods, the Trojans' all-time receptions leader, said he would make his decision public immediately after the game against Georgia Tech.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound Woods is thought to be leaning heavily toward turning pro. He said he received an NFL draft evaluation that ranged upward to the second round.

Woods said he wanted to establish a time for the decision so he could enjoy the week and not constantly answer questions about it.

"It's better than having that talk every single day leading up to the game," he said after practice.

Rumors on the boards are that Robert Woods will declare for the NFL after the Sun Bowl.

I think this is the right move. After seeing what happened to Barkley along with Woods nagging ankle injury he needs to take his shot at the league now.

It would not surprise me if Woods was also frustrated about how the ball was passed around this past season. Woods was the man in his freshman season. Last year we saw the emergence of Marqise Lee, yet Woods even when injured, was a force to be reckoned with. This past season it was like Woods disappeared. Many of us have speculated that it was Lane Kiffin's wish, once Barkley was out of the running, to get Lee the ball as much as possible in order to get him into the Heisman Race.

There were rumors of Woods' frustration over Barkley not getting him the ball as much as in the past. Hard to know but it wouldn't surprise me.

As for Robey here is what was said about his draft stock...

Cornerback Nickell Robey said he also received a draft evaluation that indicated he would not be selected in the first three rounds.

But that might not deter the junior from turning pro.

Robey said he would decide "a couple of days" after the Sun Bowl.

"I know I can play in the NFL," he said.

It would not surprise me if Robey left either.

Robey has to be thinking how the new DC will use him. Robey came to USC because of Monte, with Monte gone that will play heavy on Robey's decision.

Going to be an interesting off-season.