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Oregon may have a date with the COI

Summary Disposition talks break down

Jonathan Ferrey

Looks like Oregon is gonna have some 'splainin' to do...

At best, Oregon has suffered a setback in its NCAA investigation. At worst…well, things could get a lot worse.

Oregon’s problem today isn’t simply that it didn’t get the summary disposition it sought in the Will Lyles recruiting service fiasco. Oregon’s problem is that individuals involved with Lyles will now likely have to answer questions in front of the NCAA’s committee on infractions. Which means when Oregon goes to its NCAA hearing, the subject will focus sharply on the "why" of Oregon’s actions.

I am not surprised.

It is pretty clear that once the NCAA has figured out what they want, they will find a way to make the "evidence" stick.

I found this quote interesting though...

But there’s a flip-side, too. Hearings before the NCAA’s committee on infractions are unpredictable. The back-and-forth nature of follow-up questions can be tricky.

I am not buying this at all.

The very thin skinned Robinson knows all too well that when the NCAA sinks its teeth into something they won't let go until they get what they want.

This is what they did to USC and Robinson was giddy about USC getting hammered, showing his lack of impartiality. He loved being part of the story. Robinson loved taking credit for USC getting hammered even now in the face what appears to be the NCAA's malicious treatment of Todd McNair. (BTW, the NCAA filed their appeal...the McNair Docs will reamained sealed until the state appeals court hears the case...10-12 months from now).

For the most part I do not want to see ANY school get hammered like USC, regardless of rivalry. The NCAA is simply a horrible organization. But there are a faction of Ducks fans that I won't shed a tear for when they get pissed when the NCAA is done with them.

Should be interesting if and when the report is released...