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USC fined $25,000 by Pac-12 for deflated football incident

USC was hit with a $25,000 fine by the Pac-12 following an incident with a USC manager deflating footballs.


The Pac-12 has announced it's fined USC $25,000 after a Trojans student manager deflated some of the game footballs below NCAA-regulated levels during the Oregon game. Even though USC has repeatedly denied it knew what was happening, rules were broken.

Officials discovered the under-inflated footballs during the game. Afterward, Pac-12 officials questioned USC about the incident. The student manager admitted to deflating the footballs after they had been checked and approved by game officials.

The Trojans denied any knowledge of the manager's plan and relieved him of his duties following the incident. USC athletic director Pat Haden apologized for the incident, calling it unacceptable and vowing to never let it happen again. Lane Kiffin also denied he'd had anything to do with it.

While some of the under-inflated footballs were used during the first half, all of the balls used in the second half met NCAA regulations. USC went on to lose the game, 62-51.

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