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Lane Kiffin thinks the USC offense missed some opportunities

I can't and won't blame the offense for USC's loss to the Ducks


I hate that it sounds like I am constantly hammering Lane Kiffin, but he makes it easy with some of the things he says.

During last night's post game press conference (embedded below) Kiffin stated that USC shot themselves in the foot based on three offensive series.


You mean the porous defense had nothing to do with it? Your offense score 51 points...that should be more than enough to win any game comfortably.

But not with this defense.

We shouldn't be surprised, we saw this all the way back in 2010 against Hawaii and everywhere in between.

Kiffin is further exposing himself that he is thinking more like an offensive coordinator than a head coach.

Watching this presser I am amazed that this loss is seen as the offense not playing perfect. Yes, they left some points on the board but what offense doesn't.

If the defense makes just a couple of stops then this game looks different. I know it is way in the past, but Scott Enyeart made the point on twitter that not having a player like Wiley back there makes a difference.

I don't necessarily disagree, but it is more than that.

Obviously the defense has some culpability here.

We can agree or disagree that with regards to the defense it's either the scheme, the players or the coaching.

It is probably a combination of all three, but to say that the offense left some points on the board as the reason this team lost last night is mind boggling.

The roller coaster continues...