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USC 51 - Oregon 62

USC 51 - Oregon 62

Robert Laberge

For the most part I enjoyed tonight's game, save for the outcome. When the offense rolls it is a fun game to watch.

Can Lane fire his dad? The USC defense is a sieve. I don't want to hear about these being "un-USC" players and that Kiffin needs time to recruit, like someone said to me on Twitter during the game...these are pretty much all of his players at this point.

Monte's defense just isn't effective against the spread. We saw it tonight and we saw it last week against Arizona.

I was happy that the offense came to play tonight, but you can't trade scores with Oregon.

There are some that will call this a statement game for the Ducks...maybe, you won't too much complaint from me, but the Ducks defense got exposed tonight.

I really don't have much more to say. The outcome wasn't really a surprise to me.

I am happy that the team didn't quit...the defense just got out hustled.

Leave your observations here.