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TJ Simers shows us why the press sucks

The petulant one strikes again

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Depending on your point of view the Press can either be helpful with your cause or delinquent in their duties.

I have always taken Simers schtick with a heavy dose of salt. His targeting of Slick Rick was amusing because Slick Rick was such a horrible coach and it was easy to see how Simers got underneath Slick Rick's skin.

Simers' slobbering of Kiffin in the face of Kiffin's past antics show Simers to be uninformed.

Simers outdid himself yesterday with his pontificating with UCLA head coach Jim Mora (things get interesting in the early part and then at the 4:30 part) at UCLA's post game presser.

I am no fan of UCLA and I think Mora is a punk, but even I have to take his side here...Simers is way out of line.

UCLA got up for a big game last week and had a letdown this week...even though you could see how Stanford's David Shaw exploited the Bruins weaknesses. Hell, at least Junior has his team playing with some resolve. Stanford is just a better team.

Maybe Junior was holding some things back, maybe he wasn't, but this type antagonism in the press is horrible.

This is why I do not trust the press to their basic job and hate their cheerleading.

Then again, we shouldn't be surprised, the press in general has taken a nose dive in their impartiality over the past couple of decades so this type "reporting" shouldn't surprise anyone.

Everyone has an agenda....