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Kiffin's Video Game

Is this real football or a Madden video game?

Anyone up for a little Madden?
Anyone up for a little Madden?

Just some general observations...

I remember Matt Barkley's comments earlier in the season about Kiffin treating the play calling like a video game.

Matt was right, it is a video game because Kiffin has no sense of reality in his play calling.

I mean, really? Did Kiffin not watch any film of ND? Did he not see how ND stuffs the run inside like they did against Stanford?

It really does look like a video game out there.

Kiffin is mesmerized with numbers...

Last season it was pumping up Barkley's stats, like he did against lowly Colorado. This year it was his focus to get the ball to Lee and pump his stats up for his Heisman campaign when it was clear that Barkley was out of the running.

You know who I feel the worst for?

Robert Woods.

I get it that Lee may be a better receiver with his length and explosive speed but Woods disappeared once Kiffin went into high gear to get Lee more "exposure" Woods said post game that he hasn't made his mind up on whether or not he would return for season 4, but he did say that his decision would depend on his relationship with Wittek.

Wittek found Woods a lot last night.

Woods has better hands and runs better routes. Wittek and Woods were on the same page last night Wittek and Lee....not so much.

Woods needs to go to the league and make some money. Staying, like we saw with Barkley, is a losing proposition.

I like what I saw with Wittek. He is the future. Wittek wasn't nervous but he didn't look he owned the position either...that's fine. I like what I saw in his first start. The two picks to me are acceptable. Wittek went for the home run on one and the second I will chalk up more because of a lack of real game experience. Regardless the kid has a cannon for an arm and looked good in the pocket. This game did a lot for Wittek's confidence, even if Kiffin's play calling made us all scratch our heads.

The bowl game situation is going to be different. With ZERO pressure it will be interesting to see how the team perform.

For now though, many of us will just shake our heads...