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Lane Kiffin sells his team short in the loss to Notre Dame

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Another Kiffin blunder...

Deer in the headlights....
Deer in the headlights....
Harry How

Nope, I am not going to do it.

I can't blame the players...I can't blame Wittek. He played great for his first start in a pressure packed environment.

I can live with Wittek's two picks. The kid has a cannon for an arm, the future (if Kiffin gets out of his way) looks bright.


Once again, this is all on Lane Kiffin.

We knew what we were getting with Monte, we have seen that all season. But Kiffin, once again folded like a cheap suit.

No Adjustments, poor clock management...and those play calls with USC on the 1-yard line.

Thank god this season is over. I could care less about the bowl game.