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The Todd McNair Case...The NCAA "Malicious"

Todd McNair wins round one against the NCAA

Yeap, we're still dealing with you clown...
Yeap, we're still dealing with you clown...
Marc Serota

The NCAA has some explaining to do...

The NCAA was "malicious" in its investigation of a former Southern California assistant football coach who was linked in a report to a scandal surrounding Heisman Trophy-winning tailback Reggie Bush, a judge said Wednesday.

The NCAA's report on ethical breaches by Todd McNair was flawed, and the former coach has shown a probability he can win his defamation claims, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Frederick Shaller said.

The NCAA had sought to have the case dismissed, but Shaller disagreed. He said after reviewing sealed documents in the McNair inquiry, which was tied to a gift scandal involving Heisman Trophy-winner Reggie Bush, he was convinced that the actions of NCAA investigators were "over the top."

His ruling states emails between an investigative committee member, an NCAA worker and a person who works in the agency's appeals division "tend to show ill will or hatred" toward McNair.


Obviously many of us knew this for a while.

The NCAA can't be happy at the full discovery motion granted by the judge here. There is a long way to go in all of this but it is pretty clear that the judge saw something here that game him pause. Of course, having the case in L.A. gives McNair a bit of a home court advantage.

Also, the defamation charge in this case might not divulge anything that could help USC but if the documents show malfeasance on the part of the NCAA then a whole can of worms could be opened.

Going to get interesting....