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An interesting take on Lane Kiffin staying at USC

If Lane Kiffin thought this year was tough wait until next year....

Harry How

I am loathe to link anything from It's a long but unimportant story, that being said this article makes some interesting observations...

The sanctions have been a serious problem to overcome, but they just can't be used as an excuse this season. You can justify losing a game or maybe two because of sanctions, but certainly not four (and possibly more). The more talented team isn't winning and that isn't because of scholarship limitations.

Next season, scholarship reductions are much more likely to have an impact, but because Lane Kiffin navigated the turbulent recruiting waters so well, the team this season was set up to win.

Going forward, we do expect Pat Haden to retain Kiffin, but to also make some significant changes.

We believe Monte Kiffin will stay with the program, but not as a member of the coaching staff. He will likely stay with the athletic department in an administrative role, utilizing his talents and connections to the NFL.

We also feel that Lane Kiffin will become more personally involved with all aspects of the team, including being more interactive with his players during games. We don't believe he will give up calling the plays. That is probably a sticking point for Kiffin, but we do expect him not to have his face buried in his enormous laminated play sheet for the entire game.


Kiffin being retained will have a lot to do with how USC performs against Notre Dame. I think it is VERY possible that Kiffin could still be out if the team has a poor performance.

I find Monte Kiffin's new "rumored" roll interesting. I think its crap to keep a guy around until after signing day. I think that is poor form. Be honest with the kids, it's how you mold them into men. If Monte isn't good enough the day after signing day then he sure as hell isn't good enough the day before. This "new role" addresses that.

Lane Kiffin becoming more personally involved with the players will be tough for me to are asking a 35+ year old man to change his stripes, not an easy task.

Other changes will probably happen as well. Coaches will leave for whatever reason and Lane will have get replacements. The problem is the word is out on Lane's stubbornness, that will make it tough to get the right mix of coaches that will coach the team and mesh with the staff that is left over.

Next season Lane will literally be coaching for his job.

This year was a gimme. Next year is for all the marbles.