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Matt Barkley has a separated shoulder

Could Barkley's career be over at USC?

Jeff Gross

So much for an O-line to protect the QB.


After the game, Barkley talked to the media with his right shoulder hidden inside a sweater. The shoulder appeared to be supported by a sling. Barkley declined to discuss the injury, citing the program's policy on not disclosing injuries.

I say SCREW the policy.

It isn't going to matter next week if Tom Brady is back there. No protection for the QB is a sure fire way to lose a game. Walker should have never been moved to the LT spot. Let him put his weight back on and play guard.

Oh, remember when I said Kiffin was going to Lose the players?

The dam is about to burst...

I have asked this before...Matt Barkley stayed for this??

Going to get interesting...