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USC loses to UCLA in embarrassing fashion

This is about the only good thing about today's game
This is about the only good thing about today's game
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

This was embarrassing, no way to sugarcoat it.

You know, I had a great week this week.

Things are starting to pick up with my new gig, but I was beat by Friday. I just wanted to sleep. A buddy of mine asked me about the game, I told him I hadn't even thought about.

I consciously decided not to watch this game.

You know why?

Because I knew Kiffin would ruin my buzz from a great week.

I missed the whole first quarter because I fell asleep.

I decided to watch the LSU game and followed our game on Twitter.

I am glad I did.

Obviously, Monte Kiffin has to go, If we lose to ND Lane should go too.

This defense is secret there. But Lane's play calling (can we run the ball in the 3rd qtr.?) is never going to get better.

I can handle a loss. But how do lose with this level of talent?

Props to UCLA, I hate them, but they came to play. Kiffin's staff was exposed today. Even Special Teams was horrible.

Leave your thoughts here, though I doubt they are different than any other game where this team has performed poorly.

I am going to sleep very well tonight. No more anger, no more frustration....just the thought that it will be over soon.