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Crossdown Showdown! USC - UCLA: PAC12 south and 12 months' bragging rights on the line

USC "travels" to the Rose Bowl to take on resurgent Bruins

Stephen Dunn

After years of saying that the rivalry is better when UCLA is better, USC fans are going to see our team put that proposition to the test in one of the few main games today that has any meaningful implications. Under first year coach Jim Mora, UCLA has been a little streaky but hugely improved over last year, and await the Trojans with a running back having a career year, a quarterback having a breakout season, and much improved lines on both sides of the ball... oh, and a higher ranking than the Trojans.

Still, the Trojans aren't complete chumps here, and have three receivers who are well able to take advantage of UCLA's ongoing vulnerability in the secondary. That, and the weight of recent history, have a lot of us liking SC's chances to take some of the shine off UCLA's season and get a return engagement with the Ducks for the conference championship.

Trevor Wong's Scouting UCLA post can be found here, and Shotgun Spratling's assessment of what to look for can be found here.

If you want to read some thoughts from former coaches, the LA Times has you covered.

This is the game thread; here's to a good game and a resounding win!