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The dreaded line of public support from the AD

Pat Haden publicly voices his support of Lane Kiffin

Penny for your thoughts??
Penny for your thoughts??
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

I am sure that most of you agree.

When the AD (or similar position in the pros) offers up their public support of the head coach, that usually means that the coach is on notice and that the end is near.

USC athletic director Pat Haden still believes coach Lane Kiffin is the right man for the job, despite the Trojans' disappointing start this season.

The Trojans, who entered the season ranked No. 1, have lost twice to lower-ranked teams and have fallen to No. 18 in the AP poll.

USC's next opponent is Oregon (No. 4 BCS, No. 2 AP) on Saturday -- a game many experts expect the Trojans to lose.

"I'm very supportive of Lane Kiffin," Haden said Thursday in an interview on 'ESPNLA Now' on ESPN 710 radio. "I've said this over and over again -- I think Lane Kiffin is a very good coach, and I think he has a big-time future here at USC. I really do."

The "I really do" line is almost a dead give away that unless Kiffin rights the ship and changes his ways he could be gone...especially if he finishes the season with a less than stellar performance in the last four games.

I would like to see Kiffin succeed and progress into a smarter head coach, But as I noted earlier this week Kiffin's hubris may get in the way.

We'll see.....