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USC versus Utah and the Thursday Night Hoodoo

Bad things have happened to USC on Thursday nights and against strong front 7's. Can the Trojans take the game to the Utes and get home unscathed?

Steve Dykes - Getty Images

Thursday night games against opponents who fancy their chances haven't always gone well for USC. In addition, while Utah hasn't had a great start to the season, they've still got a good defense and have to feel like pulling a Stanford against SC's offense leaves them with at least a chance of getting the offense in gear.

Jazzy Ute from Block U has his doubts about the possible results for this game:

So, I guess the question now is whether they stand a real chance or if this is just a token one to make us all feel better. That I don't know. As much as I've tried to get a feel for this game, outside expecting Utah to probably not win, I can see it being very close and I can see USC walking in and winning by 21. I can also see the Utes surprising and actually winning. But for that latter feeling to happen, it will take a near-perfect game from the team and a performance we probably haven't seen yet this season.

To be perfectly honest, I've got no sense of what's going to happen. If the coaching staff have been working out some plays to counter the Utah front 7 and the offensive line can block, this could be entertaining for us. If not, a whole lot of Utes and Trojans could be pulling their hair out.

On the plus side, we got Factor'd by EDSBS, which has to be good for something.