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USC 36 - Arizona 39

USC's poor and undisciplined play finally comes back to bite them

Stephen Dunn

Props to Marqise Lee for an outstanding game today. It is hard to argue that Lee kept us in the game today.

That aside...

I can't say I am surprised with today's performance. This has been percolating for a while.

USC has been playing with fire with the sloppy and undisciplined play for a good part of the year. They have stalled in the second half for a number of games this season and it finally came back to bite them.

There are those who will blame Kiffin for his weird play calling, while others will blame the defense. To me its pointless...Kiffin has some issues while some of the players are not performing. Dropped passes by Soma Vainuku, poor throws by Barkley that lead to either a turnover or an easy missed TD.

If Woods catches that 90-yard ball UA is down THREE scores.

I guess its the little things...

Yes, the late drive was nice but that was because of Marqise Lee's kick-off return...I can't get too excited about USC gutting it out.

Anyway, its hard to be excited for next weeks game against Oregon when USC plays like this.

Leave your rants here...