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USC 24 - UW 14

USC survives in Seattle despite more uneven play on offense

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

An Ugly, Ugly win...

At what point does the youth excuse run out? Once again there were way too many penalties.

Kiffin's play calling was all over the place. Once again he didn't adjust. He ran when he should have run and vice versa. The bigger question is a simple Barkley hurt?

Just a lot of sloppy play. This team is not getting better on offense. Special teams is becoming an issue with respect to making FG's or stopping blocked kicks. The defense is saving us drive after drive...that will not last as the season progress. Even the Defense had some sloppy play.

I have a hard time seeing this team beating Oregon, ASU or ND with this type of performance.

It is no longer just enough to win, the team has to get better... I am not seeing it.

Buckle up everyone...its going to get even more interesting as the season progresses.

Feel free to vent, this is your post game thread.