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GameDay Open Thread USC at Washington

GameDay Open Thread - USC goes on the road to face the Washington Huskies

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It feels like it was a month since USC played Utah.

I still have some concerns with this team. After the slow start against Utah, USC improved their play as the game progressed. Notice that I didn't say dominated...a scoreless third quarter was a little disconcerting along with two missed field goals.

UW has had their ups and downs this season. Steve Sarkisian is on a bit of a hot seat. He has recruited some talent but he hasn't molded that talent to live completely up to its potential.

The pundits and odds-makers have USC winning this game. Of course the question is by how much?

I want to see the team start to make their run this week. Mistakes have to be minimized, catches have to be made and the ball protected.

The Game is on Fox...Join us here!