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Will he stay or will he go? Oregon's Chip Kelly flirts with the NFL

Well, that must have been an interesting 8-10 hours last night.

While many of us were watching the NFC Championship game Twitter blew up with reports that Chip Kelly was talking to Tampa Bay.

I went to bed as all sorts of speculation was saying that Kelly took the job...What happened?

Of course speculation immediately centered around the reason(s) as to why Kelly would bolt so close to signing day.

Many think it has to do with the NCAA. I am not one of those for a very simple and obvious reason...The NCAA has not sent a notice of allegations to UO, let alone set a date for the COI to meet. All they have sent so far is a letter of inquiry. We can speculate all we want about what we might think happened between Kelly and Willie Lyles but until the NCAA tips their hand its all speculation.

Kelly's flirtation with the NFL is natural.

Kelly is the flavor of the month after his big win in the Rose Bowl and all the attention that UO has received over the past 24-36 months.

The NFL is looking for the next hot thing.

USC fans have been down this road before with Pete Carroll...the only difference there is that Pete Carroll had a history with the NFL, we all knew that at some point he was going to scratch that NFL itch. Kelly, to my knowledge, has never been a part of an NFL staff (correct me if I am wrong, I don't fell like trying to look it up). I have no doubt that Chip Kelly wanted this, but as things started to break you can believe pressure was brought to bear on him to make a decision quick.

I am sure that Uncle Phil got on the phone.

The more intriguing aspect of this is that it is going on so close to national signing day. I realize there is never a good time, but if Kelly was going to go to the NFL he could have a number of these conversations right after the the Ducks Rose Bowl win. It doesn't take much to hammer out a deal. Because Kelly doesn't have an NFL track record he has little leverage unlike Jeff Fisher who has an NFL pedigree.

Anyway, it makes for interesting theater.

Kelly can stay or go, it really doesn't matter...but with Kelly's known negative recruiting tactics the tables will now be turned. He will have some explaining to do.

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Just another day in the world of college football......