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Larry Scott can't wait until next year

Larry Scott is ever the opportunist.

Scott said it’s "great" for the conference that USC will be back in the postseason mix starting next season.

Scott addressed that topic and some other Trojans-related matters, including the return of quarterback Matt Barkley, before this year’s Rose Bowl game. Here’s what Scott had to say:

(on whether he’s glad to have USC bowl eligible again)

"Absolutely. USC is an iconic program, the predominant program of the last 10 years. … I suspect they’ll be one of the top-ranked teams at the beginning of the season. It’s great for our conference."

(on the domino effect of USC not being eligible the past two years)

"We’ve been one team down in terms of fulfilling our bowl obligations the last couple years. All of our bowl partners are really happy, I can assure you of that."

The joke of a Pac-12 Title game was an embarrassment.

All his bluster pointed at the NCAA about what was going on at tOSU while USC burned was for show.

Just curious, if Oregon's Rose Bowl Title (congrats to the Ducks BTW) is vacated over Willie Lyles and UO is placed on probation what will Scott do then?

I give Scott credit for some of his vision, but Scott's actions don't match his words.

And don't get me started on the deal he cut with the Big-10...that deal isn't all that you might think it is. It takes away the opportunity that teams like USC use to schedule solid OOC opponents, especially with a 9-game conference schedule.

Scott won't be around for long. You can see him coming from a mile away, he has bigger fish to fry.

This is just a stop along the way. He doesn't want to stick around the Pac-12 forever like Tom Hansen did...Hansen didn't have any ambition other that leading the Pac-10.

I can't wait for next season!