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USC 47 - UCLA 66

Well, that was interesting...

The Wear Twins wore USC down.

How much more will Pat Haden take? I will admit that I haven't watched Any USC basketball this season, so to actually see the team that I have read a lot about gave me a more complete picture.

I am not sure that I can blame the OJ Mayo mess for where this team is. Sure, you could make the argument that if Floyd isn't fired we keep that recruiting class but guys transfer etc. This teams performance is all on KO.

They are not tough as we see elsewhere. They pass the ball too much and look afraid to drive the lane. A number of those early 3-point attempts were short which shows me a conditioning issue or a serious lack of range. I am not sure whT KO is coaching these gents to do but that isn't the type of basketball we want to see at USC.

I know, I know...I have some nerve commenting seeing I havent watched a game all year, but it didn't take much to see tonight to see that USC has a more than a long way to go before becoming respectable.

I won't say Kevin O'Neill has to go. That's pointless, Pat Haden Loves what KO exemplifies with regards to the types of player that KO brings in so unless things really go south (aren't we there already?), I don't expect wholesale changes.

Anyway, more tomorrow.

If you anything else to add, leave your comments here...