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First Cross-town showdown of the basketball season: Open Thread

Whoo-boy, when the LA Times preview of this game is, in essence. "these teams aren't very good but maybe the rivalry angle will spice it up," you know you've got a potential barn-burner on your hands.

You can tell because Gus Johnson (apparently popular with basketball fans) has been assigned to do the commentary. Why, just see the enthusiasm in the aforementioned LA Times preview:

Gus Johnson, who will be calling the game for Fox Sports, said that sometimes when two rivals who are used to much greater success play in the down times, the fierceness factor on the court grows.

"It might add more drama," Johnson said Friday. "Guys don't want to be publicly embarrassed losing to their rival.

"At the beginning of a season teams always set goals. Win a signature out-of-conference game, play well in the conference, be above .500 in your conference, whatever it is. And beat the team you have the biggest rivalry against.

"Sometimes, when all those other goals are gone, coaches and players can still circle that particular game, that rivalry game and get the ultimate concentration and performance out of players."

On a brighter note, Harold Miner will be at the game, and his jersey will be retired at the game tonight. Not a bad way for Miner to continue his slow return into the public eye.

Anyway, this is the open thread for all interested participants. Fight On! Beat the Bruins!