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UPDATED: Farmer NOT ineligible for Spring Ball

From Wolf...

USC tailback-wide receiver George Farmer is academically ineligible and will not be able to participate in spring practice, according to sources. It is conceivable Farmer could get a grade changed to improve his status but as of right now he will not be able to practice.

If he cannot participate in spring practice, it would be a costly blow because Farmer figured to play a prominent role in the spring with tailback Amir Carlisle, wide receiver Brice Butler and wide receiver Kyle Prater no longer on the roster.

OK, other than the fact that Kiffin already moved Farmer back to WR, the whole RB thing is in the past.

For the life of me I can't understand how guys can't keep their grades in order.

The have access to all sorts of help that many students aren't able to get. How is that?


These are those little things that trip teams up. Thank god it's spring ball and not the regular season...

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UPDATE: Looks like Wolf jumped the gun

From Scott Schrader...

I was informed George is not academically ineligible (on academic probation) and will be participating in Spring Practices solely at wide receiver.

Serves me right for trusting Wolf...