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USC Football: Roster moves...Bryant and Hall move on, Farmer back to WR

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Things are getting a little tight with the numbers.

As we all know USC can only sign 15 each of the next three seasons but more important they cannot go over 75.

With T.J. Bryant and Patrick Hall leaving, that puts 'SC around the 65 or 66 mark.

Kiffin has said that he and his staff are prepared to manage the transition to 75 scholarship players.

"We have had a very specific plan in place about how we're going to go about this," he said Thursday, declining to discuss details.

Kiffin, however, said that defensive backs T.J. Bryant and Patrick Hall were no longer part of the program.

Bryant, a senior, redshirted last season. He has been suspended from all team activities and will graduate this spring, Kiffin said. He could transfer to a non-Football Subdivision School and play this season.

Neither Bryant nor Hall, a third-year sophomore, could be reached for comment.

Not sure of the reason as to why both Bryant and Hall have departed but at this point it doesn't matter. With national signing day just under three weeks away Kiffin and staff have worry about who is coming on the roster and managing the numbers.

I have numerous time that this is where it gets tough.

Depth is going to be affected and we are going to have a lot of new and inexperienced faces on the squad next season. It is going to be difficult when the injuries start to pile up.

It doesn't matter if 'SC hardly if ever reached the 85 player mark in years before...75 is the number now and it is a HARD CAP.

With three big recruiting weekends coming up Kiffin's eye for the right guy is going to be key.