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Haden reasserts that USC is "moving on"

I like Michael Lev.

I think he is one of the more objective (while not being snide) beat writers on the USC beat. I realize this article is informative, but it is going to piss some people off. Others will see it as vindication that Haden and the administration did indeed try to change the ruling.

But I don't understand the point of this article.

To me, it just rubs salt in the wound. And I won't be the only one who feels this way.

I am at the point that I am tired of Pat Haden's explanations about how the university dealt with the NCAA during the appeals process.

Nothing changed...

But Haden reveals something more that rubs me the wrong way (shocking, I know).

"We didn’t capitulate," he said. "Behind the scenes, we’ve done everything we possibly could do. We’ve investigated litigation. We spent a lot of time considering that. I’ve made four trips to Indianapolis. I’ve had numerous conversations with (NCAA president) Mark Emmert and the enforcement staff.

"People just assume you’re sitting on your hands. I’m not an idiot. We’re not idiots. We have investigated every opportunity. There is no alternative for us at this point under the bylaws that every university signs up for as a member of the NCAA."

Haden said he and the administration still believe the penalties were unfair. USC’s strategy of citing previous cases failed because, as Haden noted, "there is no due process" under NCAA rules.

I admit, I have a short attention span. I tend to forget or move on from things that I see as minutia.

This isn't minutia. I don't remember Haden ever explaining it this way.

Many of us here pointed out that there isn't any due process and that the NCAA changes the rules on the fly. That isn't new, as even Haden acknowledged it.

But had Haden explained it this way as soon as the appeal was denied I think many of the USC faithful would looked at Haden and the administration differently.

I don't think Haden is an idiot...but I do think he is woefully under qualified to be the AD at USC, let alone deal with a behemoth like the NCAA.

I mean come on, once the appeal was denied Haden could have blasted the NCAA using the "facts" that he is using above. I mean what was the NCAA going to do, hammer us again?

Doubt it.

Haden is more worried about his image with the NCAA than he is about the people who help pay the bills.

Someone on one of the boards made a comment that they think that Haden will work behind the scenes to bring the crooks down.

Haden has made a lot of effort in playing ball with the NCAA, so how do you take down a crook when you are in cahoots with him...this isn't some deep cover op we are talking about.

As pissed as I am at the whole mess, I am ready to move on.

But Haden's comments here just piss me off some more...